100 Little Tricks to Fill Your Life With Happiness

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100 Little Tricks to Fill Your Life With Happiness

1. Look at the mirror and smile =D
2. Laugh out loud – it will cheers you up from outside to inner part of you
3. Accept your shortcoming – We aren’t perfect, and we make mistakes. Accept your fault, laugh, and improve.
4. Accept what cannot be change
5. Accept that there’s no perfection in life, just better and better
6. Stop over expecting things
7. Getting rid of negative habits – Stop blaming and complaining
8. Live in present – Not past, nor future
9. Reward yourself when you done or achieve something
10. Cry – Cry is fine, and it is better than holding your stress and emotion inside
11. Simplify your life and Stay focus – Clear out distraction and you can do better in everything
12. Focus on solution instead of problem
13. Learn from your failure – how you handle your failure will largely impact your happiness
14. Buy a present to someone
15. Say thank you to someone
16. Edify and praise someone on what they are good at
17. Be grateful with everything in life
18. Wake up early and start your day with happy thought and energy
19. Forgive someone’s mistake and stop holding hatred in you
20. Read a joke/tell your friend a joke
21. Read a book – you explore yourself to a bigger world through reading, and eventually you’ll find more interesting things to do too
22. Write a journal
23. Write a list of everything you gratitude and appreciate
24. Take action – stop the laziness
25. Being productive
26. Take a deep breath – Get some fresh air
27. Take a short nap/sleep
28. Take a cold bath
29. Take a walk outdoor
30. Go to somewhere calm and silence – library, art gallery, relaxing coffee house
31. Bring your pet for a walk, play with your pet – If no, adopt a pet – dog, cat, etc
32. Listen to music – better relaxing one like instrumental music
33. Play a game
34. Seek back one of your childhood game and play with your friends
35. Watch a movie, entertainment show
36. Give someone a lovely hug
37. Hang out with friends – surround yourself with happy people
38. Put yourself in a happy environment
39. Give your old friend a call
40. Chat with your friends
41. Stay away from negative people – they will steal your happiness away
42. Go shopping
43. Be in nature – ocean, forest, mountain, etc
44. Adventure – Camping, hiking, etc
45. Join group you interest in – Photography club, Racing Club, Hiking Club, etc
46. Gardening – Plant a tree, flower, or small cactus (or buy a small flowerpot to put on your desk)
47. Clean up your working desk and make it clean
48. Clean your house
49. Paint your house with light colour

50. Spray perfume around you
51. Dress up clothes you love
52. Do charity
53. Volunteer helping someone
54. Ask for help – when you really in need of help, don’t hesitate to call for it
55. Sharing is caring – share your knowledge with others, share a book, share a blog post that inspire you
56. Donating money or goods
57. Make someone else feel good
58. Take a vacation
59. Eat something – vegetables, chocolate, snacks
60. Having healthy meal – Without health, you can’t even smiling
61. Exercise your mind – scrabble, Sudoku, chess, etc
62. Exercise your body – cycling, badminton, basketball, football, etc
63. Free your mind and body – Meditate, Yoga
64. Massage – release stress and you’ll feel great
65. Cook a meal for yourself
66. Drink clean water
67. Look at anything beautiful – scenery, car, flowers, sexy girl, etc
68 Drawing
69. Singing
70. Go to Club and dance – care nothing, just dance
71. List out things that make you happy and think of it for awhile
72. Spend few minutes each day thinking of what makes you happy on that day
73. Learn and try a new thing
74. Make new friends
75. Treasure your family, hang out with them
76. Go out and snap photos
77. Create a new hobby/habit
78. Buy something you wanted for so long
79. Get in love, love someone
80. Avoid Comparison – It is damaging your happiness and self-esteem
81. Stay away from noise (and sometimes stay away from the crowd will helps too)
82. Be enthusiastic on everything you do
83. Enjoy every single moment
84. Setting goals and imagine if it comes true, then take action to achieve it
85. Look through your old photo
86. Organize/join a party
87. Be creative – Don’t be a live death man/woman
88. Colour your environment with yellow and green – Based on Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, adults reported feeling happier when in the presence of the colours green and yellow.
889. Writing a list of 100 of what you wish to do, own and where you want to go.
90. Quit – If you are unhappy with something, quit.
91. Don’t be afraid of change, *you might love your new hairstyle which you afraid to try before.
92. Spend time with baby/children – they can get happy with many simple and tiny things, it’s where you learn back happiness no longer exist in you with the grow of age and reality fits into your life
93. Believe that things will gets better
94. Know that you have a choice in life
95. Understand what can make you happy, and do it
96. Do what you like
97. Eat what you love
98. Know that you’re special
99. Read this article and find what you can do at that time
100. Don’t worry, be happy


JJ Wong – Co-founder of Inspiration Boost is passionate in self development & improvement. He loves reading, especially on personal growth, success stories, business related and more. Dedicated in sharing the positive energy to everyone around the world.


  1. Great post. I loved to read

  2. If we ask people what’s the most essential thing in their life, they say “happiness”. Amazingly, it’s not money, not achievements, not popularity but pleasure. Within, we all know that the purpose we buy things, get together with members of the family, eating plan or fresh the rug is our wish for good, satisfied emotions hd christmas wallpaper.

    • Indeed, money is just a bridge towards satisfying desire, events & things that brings us happiness. At last, it’s not about the money, but the purpose behind that really matters. :)

  3. I liked and thank for your sharing about them.

    • Glad you like it Xathao le. Have an awesome day to you. =D

  4. Really enjoyed this. Thank you!

    • Thanks CMFD, Wish your life fill with tons of Happiness. =D


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