8 Reasons Why Reading is So Important

Reasons Why Reading is Important Article

Why Reading is So Important?

Everyone knows that reading is important, but have you ever asked yourself why that is so? In this post, I will list out 8 reasons why reading is important. I hope you can really find out the reason why reading is so important for you, so you can get a brand new desire to explore the world of reading.


1. Expose Yourself to New Things

Through reading, you expose yourself to new things, new information, new ways to solve a problem, and new ways to achieve one thing. Who knows – you might find your new hobbies within it. Who knows – you might actually explore one thing you really like and it may end up becoming your career and success in the future. Exploration begins from reading and understanding.


2. Self Improvement

Reading does help you form a better you, doesn’t it?  Through reading, you begin understand the world more. Through reading, you begin to have a greater understanding on a topic that interest you; for example: how to build self confidence, how to make plan better before taking action, how to memorize things better and more. All of these self improvements start from the reading; through reading, you create a structured path towards a better understanding and better actions to take in the future.

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.  -Charles W. Elio-

3. Improve Understanding

The more you read, the more you understand one thing: the A to Z of a thing. Let me give an example here: reading allows you learn more about crocodiles and their habits. That you need to be aware of places it usually lurks for, the purpose of staying away from being harmed or bitten. Or perhaps you can try by real life experience, in approaching the crocodile, to see what happen. It can also help you find out the truth of something, right? Reading also increases the understanding of the rules of life, in order for you to adapt, adopt and accommodate into the society better. To play well in a game, you first need to understand the rules well.


4. Preparation to Action

Before you take action on anything, where should you seek for help and guidance? Reading is an essential way which can help you out. In today’s world, getting reviews and feedback from other people can make a big impact on your next decision, and the pros and cons of each choice. Read about how to cook a meal; how to play chess; which place is nice for the holiday family trip; read the menu before ordering food, read the manual before using a new gadget. These all can help you become more prepared before you really get into it.

Read > Learn > Do > Achieve

Reading is a starting step of many things, which build a more solid stairs for you to climb up achieving something big out there.

5. Gain Experience from Other People

When you are reading, you are actually gaining the knowledge and experience of someone. It can hasten your success towards a goal, as you don’t need to repeat the same mistake while focusing on the right path in achieving one thing. It’s like a mountain of gems for you to discover in books, which contain people’s successes, failures and advice. Life is too short for you to keep repeating the mistakes that had been done by other people in the past, in order for you to reach the results that someone might already reached. There are more than four thousand billionaires and 12 million millionaires today. To become one of them, the first thing is to learn and get to know their past, what they did in the past that makes them where they are today. Reading is a great path to get to know them, and learn from these great people.

The art of reading is in great part that of acquiring a better understanding of life from one’s encounter with it in a book.  | André Maurois

6. Tools of Communicating

Communication is the most important tool which can be transmitted through reading. As you communicate through reading, you understand more, and thus you can communicate better with people. As with a person that knows nothing, he hasn’t had anything to share, and he probably doesn’t even understand what people are sharing. Through reading, you build a more solid foundation for communication. It is one of the most important tools we use every day to connect with each other. Whereas if you don’t read, you can’t even connect with the world and what people are talking about out there, including understanding what this article is all about. Reading connects you with the world.


7. Connecting Your Brain

When reading, you’re in full silence because reading connects directly to your brain. In silence, you seek for more; in silence, your brain is clear and focuses. Thus, you learn and grow, and therefore you feel and see from the point of view of the author about everything in life. Hence you shape a better self.

Because silence exists with total abandon, it is fearless. Because silence is fearless, it holds the power that can break through any barrier. | On Silence

8. Boost Imagination and Creativity

Reading exposes you to a world of imagination, showing you nothing is impossible in this world. By reading, you are exploring a different angle to see a thing you’ve known, on how different action leads to different results. Books are beyond imagination. It’s like a huge spider web, where you keep linking to more and more to things you knew, and things you just learn, structuring  new solutions and answers.

So in your opinion, why is reading so important to you?

Start Reading Now

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JJ Wong – Co-founder of Inspiration Boost is passionate in self development & improvement. He loves reading, especially on personal growth, success stories, business related and more. Dedicated in sharing the positive energy to everyone around the world.


  1. Reading for pleasure!

    • Exploring a different world that lives within books too. =D

      • Article writing is also a excitement, if you be acquainted
        with then you can write or else it is difficult to write.

  2. i love reading sherlock holmes novels.

    • That’s nice! I do read Sherlock Holmes too, great detective novels. :)

  3. I think this website is very good and i got knowlede out of it

    • Thanks & glad that you like it Sabbina. :)

  4. i lovereading because it is ovely and helps me to understand some words for exampe”attie”

  5. With all aspects of life, there is room for improvement; but there is one definite certainty here – Frank is a degenerate. Thank you for a wonderful article JJ Wong. Keep up the good work!

    • Glad that you like my post here Leo. :)
      Indeed, there’s room of improvement in every aspects of life, including my writing and sharing. Will keep up the effort in sharing the Inspiration Boost to you all. :)

  6. thanks for posing your thoughts here it really give me the new idea why is it reading is really important in our everyday life. it`s really really great JJ Wong keep up the good work GOD bless!!

    • Appreciate your great words Andres =D
      I’m glad to know that you found some new idea on the important of reading through my writings. You’re my motivation to keep writing & sharing. :)

  7. thank you for this nice article .i just want to add to what you have just said,reading explores you to world that you never knew it was there.thank you ones again

    • Agree with you Abdul. :) It’s a great exploration about things that we never knew, learning and gaining new knowledge, new information. Glad that you like my writing. :)

  8. To be honest with you guys, I hate reading because personally the books at the schools are so BORING so it just puts most of the pupils off.

    • I have to agree with you some are boring, as it’s not in our interest list! May explore in topics that you like and read. In the process of learning and growing, one learns to figure out what he/she likes, thus grow and improve towards the direction he/she likes. I personally love to read self improvement, motivational stories, success stories, social media information and more. When you read what you love, you wouldn’t feel boring. :)

  9. Reading is my hobby. I will read some articles aloud in house myself in order to improve my spoken English, Listening Skills and Pronunciation. JJ Wong pl. describe about aloud reading in your words to further improve my spoken English through aloud Reading / Silent Reading.

    • Hi Mounesh, thanks for your comment. In the past, I learn and improve my English speaking through listening to English songs, singing along reading the lyrics. That’s one of a great way for you to train your English especially listening and pronunciation too. Cheers. :)

  10. awsome

  11. Good one there by t jj wong

  12. Hey..It is amazing article! Gives a complete summarised & vivid picture of why reading is a necessary aspect.
    Keep up the spectacular work 😀

    • Thanks Phalguni Sharma! Appreciate your compliment, we’ll continue the sharing on Inspiration Boost here. =D

  13. Hello JJ Wong, Really i liked these Eight articles, and they’re true, I like reading too, Even when i’m Angry or feeling Sadness i try to read in order to get pleasure and forget the problems. I like to read the history books and the people who developed in order to become like them. Thank you Sir…

    • Glad to know that you like my writing Ebla. Appreciate it. :)

      Books lead us to the calmness of our soul, and peace in mind. Gaining inspiration & motivation through reading. :)

  14. hello may i know when did you publish it? because i need to cite a source with apa format ^^ this article was really useful for me especially now that i have subject about developmental reading :)) thanks :)

    • Hi Sproutybear, I publish this article on 4th July, 2012. :)

      All the best on your subject. :)

  15. Thanks for such a wonderful article and for your sharing and caring self.
    I am a die-hard book lover from age 4. (I am now 54). I love and respect people like you who still value reading and inspire people in this internet age. To understand how valuable a work you are doing, please read SHALLOWS by NICHOLAS CARR (if you have not read it already).
    Love & Regards

    • Hi Jayaram Gmenon, Thanks and sincere appreciate for your drop by at our site & comment.

      It’s always glad to know that people from around the world enjoy reading my writing here. I’ll sure to keep on reading too, as I really do enjoy reading.

      Thanks for the sharing, yet to read this title: The Shallows, but sure will check it out soon. :)

  16. this is great stuff i can see the reason why reading is important in one’s life thank!!

    • Thanks Tracy! Glad that you find something great in my article. Have a great day to you. :)

  17. haha great article a lot of help thanks jj! ^^

    • Thanks Josh, Glad that you like it. =D

  18. great article!

  19. Through reading I have come teach my self fields like programming,electronics and I have come to know profiles of very big companies around the world,their founders and many other things.I have never slept a day without reading as a result I have acquired vast knowledge in many areas of life.Thanks for this article especially that I like points number 1,2 & 5.

    • Awesome one Julius Kanche! It’s the way to explore the world and everything around, leading us towards endless possibility and potential to reach out wonderful and great things. :)

  20. why reading is important to me?becuse reading is help me for everything..not only to me

  21. Dear Wong,thanks alot for these well researched pieces of information and your continued commitment towards promoting a reading culture across the world.am also very passionate about reading and developing a life coaching career aimed at encouraging women in my country Uganda to embrace reading to better sharp the future of their children and the generation next. i need a mentor to guide me through the process and would humbly request that you become my mentor.
    I’ve provided my email and humbly awaiting your response.

    • Hi Irene Naikaali, thanks for the great words of yours. It’s wonderful effots you’re doing in Uganda, by embracing reading and learning, education the next generation for better. :)

      Should you need any support or inquiry on your process of your life coaching career, please do not hesitate to contact me via our contact page: http://inspirationboost.com/contact-us

      I’ll be answering your inquiries there, hope this help. 😀

  22. Thank you for the wonderful article.It’s presentation was superb and so simple
    I LOVED IT MUCH.Regards..

    • Thanks Suma & glad that you love it. Have a beautiful day & stay awesome! =D

  23. It is amazing. I am from Pakistan but i get to much matter from it . :)

    • Glad you like it Mehreen Faisal! Keep up with the awesome-ness. =D

  24. reding is good

  25. I like the creativity part that’s something all of us need. :)
    This was an okay article.
    I like the creativity part of this article. :)

  26. I agreed with the imagination and creative one cause when you read a book you imagine whats going on!

    • Leading you towards more and more in the imaginary world! =D

  27. Thanks Wong for good and well written article. I enjoy reading so much because with books you get knowledge and it exercises your brain.Please continue to inspire other people to read.

    • Hi Sylvia, Glad that you like my writing! Yup, reading is fun and everyone should read. Exploring the world of reading. =D

  28. Great Knowledgeable post Mr. Wong

    Actually, I just started as I got inspired by reading one. My close friend gave me a book “How to Win friends and Influence People” and from there, I took up and became a book lover.

    Although, considering the fact that it’s the Internet world, especially the young generation prefers to read online books and magazines but book reading have its own curiosity and positivity.

    We receive a lot of positive energy by reading books sitting in open air. Moreover, it’s very good habit as it increases your knowledge in a channelized way, opens your mind and makes you think.

    Happy Reading..!!!

    • That’s indeed a great book to read Kanchan. :)
      Reading in a relaxing environment, perhaps with a cup of coffee. Nice enjoyment. =D

      Happy reading to you too Kanchan!

  29. Great article! It helped me a lot with a school homework. :)

    • Thanks Monica! Glad it helps. :)

  30. Great article Sir JJ Wong. Got inspired to read. It refreshed my mind that reading is ready important in life. Thank you and more power!

    Stay blessed always!

    • Thanks Nancy. =D

      Glad that my writing refresh you with the important of reading. :)

      Have a blast!

  31. .nice article Sir. :) .This helps a lot in my project about reading..kEep inspiring people .God bless.

    • Thanks Sarah! Thanks for the motivation for me to keep writing and keep sharing. God Bless you too. :)

  32. M lazy too much when I must read bt from today and from this advices will start n enjoy to read as from nw till I gt older thank you.

    • Glad to hear that Agnes! You may read bit by bit everyday. The knowledge you gain will definitely bring you up to another level of you. All the best to you Agnes. :)

  33. ilike your post jj wong
    its educational

    • Thanks Arnel, glad you like it. :)

  34. When I was a kid I’m so excited to read a book but now I don’t know what happen to me can you give me some advice? because I really miss being a good reader when I was an high school student actually I love declamation.

    • Hi Jamielyn, try rethink why do you so excited about reading book when you were a kid. Perhaps along the life journey, more and more exciting things come into life, that you no longer want to sit down and enjoy a good book.

      Start by seeking a book category that you’ll be interest on, and start to read bit by bit. You’ll enjoy the process of reading. :)

  35. I greatly appreciate the article that you have posted. it has assisted me in learning why reading is so important. No wonder why people read every now and then. Thank you JJ.

    • You’re welcome Veronica. I’m glad that you gain something from my thought, my writing and sharing here. Wish you gain more in life through reading and learning. :)

  36. Great

  37. its indeed a great article on the importance of reading.I got to realize that reading is too important in our life.THANKS FOR THIS WONDERFUL ARTICLE.

    • Thanks Afnan! Happy reading. :)

  38. Its a great article indeed, it has been convinced me a lot. Reading is really important in our life, without reading we like a fragile bottle that has no content and label. Thank YOU Mr Wong, you did it. When did this article been published?

    • Hi Sthemiso, I’m happy that you like and gain some valuable points from my writing. Enjoy reading!

      By the way, it was published on Jul 2012. :)

  39. it is really a great article Now I have come to know that how much necessary to read ….thanks sir really helpful

    • You’re welcome Khair Bahksh! Do share with your friends too and hopefully they’ll gain something valuable too. Cheers! :)

  40. Mr Wong, i don’t see the last revision date of this article, when it was revised?

    • Hi Sthemiso, latest revision of this article was on 9 Feb 2014. Hope this help. :)

  41. When was the last revision of the article?

    • Hi Mdudizi Mkhize, it’s on 9th Feb 2014. :)

  42. Damn thanks man for these would help a lot in my exam essay! :)

    • Good luck to your exam essay Hiphueu. :)

  43. Thank you for article Really reading helpful for each and everyone. I also started reading books & novel frm today onwards.

    • Glad to know that you’ll start this positive habit, enjoy reading!

  44. Now i knOw whY reading is sO importanT :)

    thanks to JJ WOng

    • You’re welcome Rizalyn, Glad it helps. :)

  45. wow its a good help

  46. thankyou.

  47. Read, Enjoy And Discover !

  48. I like this steps. They really provoked something inside of me to know the purpose of opening a book. And it also emphasize “Understanding” as the main key to open a book, because it is possible to be busy reading but not effective.

  49. I love you jj wong

  50. Nice work JJ Wong! 😛 I’m a real book-worm too! 😀

    • Thanks JFire. Happy reading! =D

  51. This also helped a lot on an essay I was compiling on the topic… Reading! Because of this I have discovered the spectacular importance of reading!

    Thx man 😛
    Jared(aka JFIRE)

    P.S. 450 words per minute with 90 to 100 percent comprehension rate! 😛

  52. you are very right

  53. thank you for ur nicely written on why reading is important..it really moved me..thank you JJ WONG..i do appreaciate ur points and will keep on reading..

    • Glad to know that Dolma, hope you’ll gain a lot from reading. :)


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