About Us

Want to Learn How to Become a Better You From Inside Out?

  • Increase Personal Productivity – Manage your precious time and resources in the most efficient manner. Trade the least resources for the greatest achievement in life.
  • Be highly motivated, be powerful – Take everything in a positive manner: failure as feedback, problem as an opportunity, setback as a new challenge. Daily motivation is here to push you further every day.
  • Become whoever you want to be – learn what is influencing your subconscious mind, your behavior, your decision, and ultimately your action. Master this and you can master your destiny.
  • Learn more about yourself – Know what is your strengths and passions, and let them fuels your life. Know what is your weaknesses, improve yourself and become a stronger you today.
  • Open up doors in life – be open minded and learn to see things from a different angle. Learn to use a better approach in life. Quit being stubborn. Open your eyes and start to accept new things in life. Let the doors stay open because you deserve more and you deserve to have a better choice in life.

Founders of Inspiration Boost

JJ Wong

Co-founder of Inspiration Boost, JJ Wong is passionate about social media and self development. He loves reading, especially on personal growth, success stories, business related and more. Striking for financial freedom and time freedom is one of his core life targets. People tend to give up too easily, due to the obstacles, problems, tiredness, distraction, excuses and others, thus he believes that daily inspiration and motivation is a need, to keep pushing them to go on another step towards success. As the quote by Zig Ziglar: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily”. Thus Inspiration Boost is one of the project build together with a like minded Partner, Darren Chow, dedicated in spreading the daily inspiration and motivation to as many people as possible.

Darren Chow

Darren Chow truly believes that positivity is contagious, so does your smile. Thus, together with his partner JJ Wong, he founded Inspiration Boost with a core vision: to spread inspiration to as many people as possible. A freelance writer himself, Darren Chow is also a platinum level expert author at ezinearticles.com, the leading online content syndication site where his articles appeal to a worldwide readership. Besides writing, he is crazily passionate about topics related to self-improvement, personal finance, blogging, and also businesses. Success stories from amazing people never fail to fascinate him, and sharing these stories with others has always been a pleasure for him, especially here in Inspiration Boost.