How to win your Life when it is as messy as a Maze

Life and maze, there are so many similarities between these two things.

In both life and a maze game, we face confusion when we do not know which path to choose, we face dead end when we chose the wrong path, we lost after picking up several wrong paths which lead us nowhere.

These are the similarities between life and maze. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, and of course, it depends on how you look at it.

I would say it is a good thing to have a life like a maze because to be able to explore the unknown always excite me.

There are times when you will feel so confused, so lost until you are unable to identify the exact path which will lead you to the final destination…

You will stop and think for a very long time without taking any further step, and then soon you will realize that you are wasting your life for not taking any action.

There are times in life; you do not have the answer at the moment when you really need it. Too many options lie in front of your eyes will sometimes blinded you.

You have to learn to see and to make decision by following not only your eyes, but also your heart.

Now, you do not waste too much time to analyze the options you have, instead, you will just choose the path you like and execute it as long as you hold 70% confidence that it will be successful.

Just like playing maze, you do not stop and analyze all the paths at one time, you choose only one path and then see where it will lead you.

Meeting dead end simply means you just need to choose another path and that’s all.

If you are too afraid to step forward, chances are you will never reach your desired destination.

We have different starting points to begin during a maze game, but when it comes to life, unfortunately we do not have that kind of luxury to choose where we born.

Some people born in a rich family, others in poor families; some people born healthily while some with defects.

Everyone’s life is equally precious.

However, life, as we said, is always unfair.

You are able to choose where to start in a maze game, but not in real life.

If you happened to have a bad starting point, you do not need to worry too much.

There is always a cheat to win the maze and the game of life.

The trick is simple: Look at the destination point & backtrack to the starting point.

Plus, in life, you’re able to make your own paths.

What is your destination and how fast are you going to reach your destination is determined by your determination.

This is exactly why they say “Where there’s a will there’s a way”

Now close your eyes and think for a while,

What would your destination of life be?

And, which path will lead you to the destination?

You have got to figure out this by yourself or you will have to play the game of life by hard by simply choosing a path without knowing where will it lead you to.

You can be like the rest of the people out there, leaving your life and success to chance; or you can set your destination today and choose a path which will bring you there one day.

If you already have goals in your life and you’re taking action upon reaching it, please share it with us by leaving a comment below.

Tell us what is your goal of life and how are you planning to achieve it.

Help us to inspire more people to take charge of their life like you do =)

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  1. My new life goal is trying to play a small role in re-shaping the health of humanity. Too many people are suffering from ill-health wherever they live.

    People in the developed countries are given the WRONG MESSAGES on what to eat,how much and how often to eat, ended up under-nourished and hence OBESED.

    My job as an Integrative Holistic Health Coach is to make the under-nourished take a different view on the food that make them sick. A long and hard journey nevertheless but I am going to take the FIRST step.

    • That’s great Meow! The first step is the most important, and I like what you’re doing, to share and educate people about healthy living & healthy meal. A meaningful job. :)

  2. i really like every ideas written above,some times life is challenging when we are especially closer to our last destination.But the worst thing is when we are stopped and lose our direction. i am one of these kind of people right know.
    thank u

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