Life Sucks? Who Are You Compare Your Life With?

Life Sucks? Who Are You Compare Your Life With?

Do you always complain about your life sucks (sorry to use this word, it seems to be a bit rude, but it is the word that people use! – Life Sucks!)? Or blaming anything around is not fitting to what you want or how you wish it could be? I see many people around me did so, and I believe most of the people do somehow complain about something in life, sometimes, or everyday. They can complain about EVERYTHING, to “support” the facts that their life sucks! Assignments are too many to handle, boss giving out too much pressure, parents didn’t buy me the latest cool gadgets, the traffic is so jam, friends are not helpful at all, my friends all own their own car while I don’t, my cloth looks sucks, salary too low, friends are not helpful, lost 10 dollars yesterday…………. There are just too many to complain about in life, to show that you are kinda sucks at life. My question to you is: who are you comparing your life with? What makes you feel your life seems to be so unpleasant and sucks?

Food Sucks?

Food that tastes bad? Boring with food around? Complain about drinks? Don’t like this and that? What about 870 Million people that starve from hunger all around the world? That’s more than 5 million children die due to starvation and poor nutrition every year! What about him?

Kevin Carter Vulture

Photograph by Kevin Carter 1994

Photo Description: A million southern Sudanese face starvation. In this image taken by Kevin Carter, a child falters en route to a feeding center, while the vulture waiting behind for the child to die, so it can eat the child.

Living Sucks?

Your house is not as big as your neighbors? Parents didn’t buy you a Ferrari as your 21st birthday present? :p Neighbors are noisy with piano training? Don’t have the latest electronic device? Don’t have a nice movie to watch this weekend? Then what is this kid complaining about every day? Life sucks? Think again. Children in Afghanistan

Children in Afghanistan avoid dust in refugee camps

Photo source: Link The kid struggles to live every day, while you might be sitting comfortable with a cup of warm coffee on the table, under a nice weather, complaining to your friends, how sucks your life is. What about this? Without Home

Sleeping Place – Home

Photo source: Link There are million people die of hunger, die in a war, live everyday in fear, and starve, illness and so on. How can we complain our life is sucks compared with them? And also this: Pain of War

The Pain of War

Photo Source: Link Vietnam Napalm, Trang Bang, 1972. Kids are crying, losing their family members in a sudden, hopeless, nobody to depend on anymore, yet the war still on going. In the coming seconds, they might die in war as well. Life sucks? *Some photos might seem very disturbing, but if it is not, how can you feel them? By putting yourself in their situation?

Job Sucks?

Many people love to complain about their job, their boss, their colleagues, salary and so many other things. But again, how sucks your job can be compared with theirs? Indian Sewer man

Indian Sewer man

Photo source: Link Or this: Worst Jobs


Photo source: Link A picture tells a thousand words, seems like I don’t need to explain much and you already know that this is kinda with your office based job with air-conditioner and comfortable chair or whatever job you are having now.

Body Sucks?

If you are complaining about your physical body of not strong enough, not beautiful enough, not tall enough, don’t have six pack abs? Not healthy enough… What about these people?

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic Swimming

Nick Vujicic – Life Without Arms and Legs

Photo Source and read more about him: Link I believe many people know who is Nick Vujicic, a man without arms and legs, yet he can be so successful today, as a motivational speaker, Director of Life Without Limbs, with a double major in Accounting and Financial Planning, travelling to over 25 countries and more.

I can either be angry for not having arms and legs or be thankful for my chicken drumstick (his little leg) | Nick Vujicic

Helen Keller

Helen Keller

Helen Keller

Photo source: Link Helen Keller contracted illness when she was 19 months that left her deaf and blind. Imagine, without the ability to see things, how can she listen to the world? Without the ability to listen, how can she speak? And also blind! How can she interact and communicate with the world? But she still can earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree! She was an American Author, Political Activist and also a lecturer!

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows. | Helen Keller
  What about..

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking

Photo Source: Link Stephen Hawking was disabled by a motor neuron disease when he was 21 years old, but this does not stop him in his research and passion on physic. He is a theoretical physicist, twelve honorary degrees, and was made a Companion of Honor in 1989. He is the recipient of many awards, medals and prizes. I believe I do not need to explain and describe much about them, as they are so well known around the world, I can confirm that they had so much harder time in life compare with all tiny problems you’re facing and complaining about everyday, life.. sucks? I believe at least you are so much better than lots of people around the globe. They still can live life to the fullest with the “sucks” part happens in their life, why not you? I personally respect them so much, respect their attitude towards life. I can complain about how sucks my life is and especially for the pass, of having a weak body since young, asthma when I was a kid, nose bleeding every few days, faint easily after exercise (now much better, as I train my body more, with more exercise and care of my body =D )….. But compare with them, how sucks my life can be? In another way round, I am grateful of who I am today, and thankful for everything in life. It is a shame for me to bring up all these tiny problems and start complaining that my life is sucks due to this and that. Some people might argue that we shouldn’t compare our own life with others, as each of us comes from a different background and environment, but if you see the world inside you, and not you inside the world, then you are locking yourself in a tiny + pity cage where you only see 4 walls where only you yourself matter most all the time.

Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response. | Mildred Barthel
This writing is a combination of viewing life in a different angle, and through different people, to provoke and brings up the facts that, your life isn’t that sucks. Now you are viewing this article through a computer or a mobile device or whatever tablet, so you are much luckier than the millions that don’t! That your financial is so much better than many that can’t even afford to own these electronic devices, or even affording a meal to kill hunger! If it sucks, that is simply because of you yourself that judge it so and make it happen (and worst, continue to suck at it). If you complain life to improve and changing it, that’s cool; but if you complain for the sake of complaining… you know what I mean. Be grateful with everything in your life. We come to life with empty hands and leave without taking anything away, we should be grateful with everything that comes into our life, even a cup of hot coffee to warm up your lovely morning, taking a refreshing bath with cold clean water every day, a meal that keeps hunger away every day… If you can read my writing here and able to complain about life, it means your life isn’t that sucks, and you have a choice to make things around better (while many don’t even have the choice). Some people out there might not even have time to complain, as they’re struggling to survive & stay living right at this moment, where you’re reading my writing now. If you still think your life is sucks, at least you have a choice to change and improve, instead of continuing to sit comfortable there complaining about how sucks life is. After all, life isn’t that sucks isn’t it? :)   *Images are all from online sources, if it’s not allowed to use, feel free to contact me and I shall remove it immediately. P.S. These images are selected because it is great to help conveying & support the message of my writing. :)
JJ Wong – Co-founder of Inspiration Boost is passionate in self development & improvement. He loves reading, especially on personal growth, success stories, business related and more. Dedicated in sharing the positive energy to everyone around the world.


  1. This might be a strange question – but is this the JJ Wong that went to school in Fayetteville?

    • Haha! Hi Kristie, nope I’m not. I’m from Malaysia – Asia. :)

  2. Thanks! Love your site.

  3. i dont get it. life still sucks.your point made it worst.we dont compare to anyones lifes.we just know the things we need is not there.jeezz..

    • The point is that we should learn to appreciate what we have in life. The point that you’re posting a comment here showing that your life not that sucks actually, as you own a computer/smartphone while many out there don’t. Some even struggle to survive today looking for food and might not know whether tomorrow will come or life end there.

      So you know the things you “need” is not there. My question to you is – it’s a “need” or “want”?

      What you need in life is there, thus you’re living, and reading my writing. For things you want, go get it! =D

      Have a great day to you. :)


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