5 free ways to feel great about life

5 Free Ways to feel great about Life

This is a guest post by Karen Sealey, specialising in tarot card readings.

5 free ways to feel great about life

5 Free Ways to feel great about Life

No matter what happens, there is always something to be grateful about life. Not just life in general either, your life specifically.

With almost all of us in pursuit of wealth and success, we fail to keep up with the speeding pace of life and consequently fail to connect with ourselves and happiness can seem a long way away. There is no point spending your life always waiting for something to make you happy – self-sustained happiness is the best kind and the easiest to attain too.

Therefore, here are five simple methods you can work into your everyday life to enrich your sense of goodwill and, ultimately, be happier:

1. Three acts of gratitude

Serotonin is the happy chemical that your brain produces naturally when you experience something that makes you laugh or smile. Even a fake smile works towards producing this chemical, but it is much more uplifting to genuinely smile or laugh and there are things you can do to cause this.

Watch one of your favourite comedy movies or sitcoms, or listen to an upbeat piece of music you know will have a positive effect. Granted, these specific suggestions can’t be done every single day, so it’s important to focus on some more of the simple things that you are grateful for – climbing into a warm bed at night, you and your family have their health, a hilarious joke with old friends – just thinking three happy thoughts a day, whether they’re the same or not, certainly helps boost how you feel about life.

2. Exercise regime

Exercising is another great Serotonin boost. Ideally you should be physically getting up and moving about every hour that you’re awake, so this is especially important for those who sit at a desk on a computer all day in their daily work. A 15-20 walk outside during lunch will give your body a much needed stretch, not to mention the fresh air.

Exercise can also be incorporated into morning routines as well – get your body moving with a brisk walk or walk to work once or twice a week if you can. A morning exercise program gets your brain working better and sets you up much better for the rest of the day.

3. Spontaneous acts of kindness

All of us need social interaction and our experiences of this on a daily basis range from hugely positive right through to hugely negative. You will never be able to control the moods and actions of others, but you can control your mood and actions towards them.

It’s important to respond and not react. A response is controlled, thought-out, measured behaviour whereas a reaction is often an impulse emotional response such as shouting that is not surprising to see people respond negatively to and are also likely to remember long after the event.

You’ll find that your responses become naturally more positive as you get used to doing spontaneous acts of kindness for friends, family or complete strangers. What’s more, people will respond more positively towards you and will be more forgiving when you have an off day, offering support in return for when you helped them.

4. Meditation

Our lives are hectic most of the time; full of noise, communication and interaction, sometimes we just need time away from these external influences to listen to what our body needs.

Meditating is about being in the present and getting your brain and body in a state of relaxation. Time for peace where you can listen to your breathing and feel your heart beating with no outside factors disturbing you.

Take any small chunk of time you can get, even just five or ten minutes, switch off your phone, TV and computer and spend the time meditating in a calm and controlled manner. The longer you meditate, the calmer you will feel after, and you might even find this calmness impacts on the positive respond towards you from others.

5. Keep a journal

This is another way of feeling great about life that branches off from the daily acts of gratitude. Keeping and filling in a journal every day is a handy method of remembering all the good things that have happened to you, all the memories that meant a lot.

Keep note of family days out, a thoughtful gesture or something that you really split your sides laughing at. It may not always be an experience as a whole, but smaller things within it; think about why you’re including it. How did it make you happy? And why?

With a journal, everything that you’ve enjoyed doing will be in one place and, if you’re ever feeling down, reliving the experience by reading your journal is one thing that is guaranteed to instantly put a smile on your face and boost how you feel.

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[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’]http://inspirationboost.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/karen.png[/author_image] [author_info]Karen Sealey is part of the team at Psychic Ether and has been specialising in tarot card readings ever since first picking up a deck in 1988. She has since trained extensively in a range of holistic therapies, paying particular focus on how a person’s choices impact upon their life.[/author_info] [/author]

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