27 Most Powerful Beliefs

Belief is so powerful that it can empower one even if it is not true sometimes.

It serves as the filter for our outer reality. We often look at the event happened around us differently than the others because we hold different beliefs. It affects how we allocate our focus, and then how we respond towards the same event. In short words, having an empowering beliefs strengthen you, while limiting beliefs cages you and hinders you from what you are really capable of.

Thus, be extreme cautious in what you chose to believe. Review your current beliefs from time to time, to see does it conflicts with your values and causes you dilemma.

There are a few beliefs which I think are truly powerful if we can actualize them in our daily life and I would like to share them with you today.

I have 27 in the list, and I hand-picked 7 of them which I think are the most powerful beliefs,for which I have learnt by hard in life.


The TOP 7 Most Powerful Beliefs (IMO)


1) Everything happens for a reason and a purpose that serves me.

I always think that, in life, the best gifts is usually wrapped in challenges.
We often learn the best lesson in life at the worst time, from the greatest mistake we did. One very empowering thought about the challenges you are facing now is that it happens to you because you are special. You are chosen to go through this and to overcome it because you are destined to help the others who are also facing the same challenges to overcome theirs. It is indeed a gift in disguise. Always remember, we found greatest courage in greatest fear, greatest achievement among the greatest challenges. We might not be able to see it now, but in the future we will understand when the dots started to link together. From today onwards, choose to see difficulties as blessing, you then will have the opportunity to learn and to transform it into some wonderful experience which others could not possibly understand or experience as they do not have the chance to go through the same challenges like you do.

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2) I am in charge of my life

Peer pressure, education, culture, religion, and tradition all have something to say about our personalities. Be very cautious in selecting your input: what you read, watch and listen. Make sure you shape your own identity, or else you will be shaped by others subconsciously. In life, we will certainly encounter a lot of challenges and we will be given a lot of option. When you are lost, just close your eyes and follow your own will. What is the most important thing for you now? Pursue your answer. Ultimately, it is your life and you’ve got to make that call yourself.

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3)To live totally is to live in the present

If you live in the past, you will be wasting your present because yesterday is just a memory which can no longer be altered but today is a gift for you to alter your destiny. If you were to live in the future only, you will be so blind to miss out all the beautiful things which you can appreciate only when you live in the present. Thus, to live totally is to live in the present. To me, this is the meaning of life which I’m only able to derive it for myself after feeling lost for almost a year. You can read more about why I think it is the ultimate meaning of life here. Last but not least, you can learn more about life from Dalai Lama. Someone questioned him what surprised him the most and his answer is both hilarious and wise, “Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”- Dalai Lama

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4) There’s no failure, there’s only lesson and an opportunity to develop greater inner strength

Most people give up because they think they have “failed”. However, this is not true at all. They didn’t fail. What they have is just a result derived from a method which do not work. In fact, they just need a simple review and tweak, then they are ready to go again. Remember, things only end when you give up. Every time when something opposite turned out, take it as another step closer to your success. P/s: Never ever skip the review part, or else you will be doing the same thing again.

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5) Happiness, emotion is a choice

Emotion is one great part of our life. Some people seems to live their entire life happily under sunshine that everything just seems so perfect for them, while the others seems to be clouded by misfortune all the time that everything is so dull and gloomy for them. Well, I agree that daily event does occur out of our expectation. However, no matter what happened to us, we always hold 100% control on how we interpret and respond. This pretty much means that we can control how we feel most of the time, and it is the matter of choice whether or not we shall choose happiness than otherwise. Some people born with defects complaint their entire life on the unfair limitation over them, yet others (like Nick Vujicic) strive and turn themselves into the greatest source of inspiration for others. Happiness is in fact a choice. Make your choice today.

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6) When I’m confused, I’m about to learn

Unless we are passionate about it, learning something new usually cling to negative emotion because we are lack of the knowledge and skills to hold full control of it. Misallocation of focus drains power from us and weaken us. Thus, be very careful on how you interpret events into meanings in life. When you are confused next time, do not tell yourself that it is too hard for you to understand, instead tell yourself it’s great that you are confused now because it means that you are going to learn something new. If you are not confused enough, you simply didn’t learn much.

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7) The past does not equal to the future

Understand this simply empowers you every single day. If you didn’t achieve your goal yesterday, well, today is a brand new day for you to start all over again. In other words, you have a chance to make a difference in life again today. If you have achieved what you wanted yesterday, well, it will remind you to be cautious and not to be overly proud of your past achievement because what you have might slip away due to carelessness.

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Some other powerful beliefs listed here.

Which one do you wish to incorporate deep into your daily life?

1. Others’ opinion is just a reference for me to make my decision.

2. I accept that life is like a wave. It has its ups and downs.

3. My life is wholly my choice. It goes how I want it to be.

4. Everyone I meet is a best friend I do not know yet.

5. Nothing is impossible in life as long as I believe and take action.

6. I believe I can learn from any situation.

7. We do not need to catch the negative balls thrown to us all the time.

8. I’m flexible and I can adopt new changes into my life.

9. When one door closes another opens

10. I’m open to all the great abundance in life.

11. I do matter. My words matter, my persistence matters and my life matters.

12. There is no total darkness. It is just absence of light.

13. I need to know how to love myself first, then only I can love the whole world.

14. I’m going to enjoy this challenge, no matter what the outcome may be.

15. Fear is only a feeling, thus it cannot hold me back.

16. We can only find valor in great fear.

17. People come into our life for a reason: to support us, to love us or to teach us a valuable lesson.

18. You can only reflect true happiness when you are truly happy in the first place. Be happy.

19. A great answer is always derived from great question. Always ask a good question.

20. Our life values does not based on what we have in possession or what we have achieved, but how much values we have given to others. It is all about making a change to other people’s life, lifting life that counts. Giving, it represent our life’s value.



Do you agree with me that belief is very important in life?
Does any of the TOP 7 most powerful beliefs resonate with you?
And, what is your single most powerful belief you have in life?

Share it with me at the comment box below.
I would love to learn from you.


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Thanks for reading.

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