fun things what to do when bored at work

31 Fun Things What To Do When Bored At Work

What To Do When Bored At Work

Not sure what to do when bored at workI’ve got you covered!

This post shares about 31 things on what to do when you’re bored at work.

The list has been filtered to make sure that the suggestions are fun, creative, productive and good for self-improvement!

With such a huge list, I’m sure you can definitely find one thing or two which can solve your question on what to do if you are bored at work. 

31 Things To Do When You Are Bored At Work:

  • 12 Fun Things To Do When Bored At Work (Tip 1 – 12)
  • 9 Productive Things To Do When You Are Bored At Work (Tip 13 – 21)
  • 10 Self Improvement Things You Can Do If You’re Bored At Work (Tip 22-31)


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12 Fun Things – What To Do When Bored At Work


1) Collect Cool Desk Toys 

What is the best thing to do when you are bored? Of course, it is to play. Desk toys help to relieve stress, plus it is super fun to play with. Here are some of the popular desk toys that can help you to kill time.

  • Mini Bowling Game
  • Magnetic Levitation Toy
  • Classic Newtons Cradle Balance Balls
  • Liquid Timer
  • Mini Basketball
  • Magnets Building Blocks
  • Physics balancing toy
  • Metal Spinning Top

The list of desktop toys is endless… If you do not know what can you do while you are bored at work, then you should definitely get some desktop toys. You can also collect cute figures, assemble SD Gundam figures, etc. 


2) Show Off Cool Magic Tricks 

With the right tools and some practice, you can become an instant magician. Impress your colleagues with your magic coin or card tricks when you guys are bored as hell in the workplace. When they ask you to teach them the magic trick, make sure to ask them to pay for your lunch first before you reveal the secrets.

10 IMPOSSIBLE Coin Tricks Anyone Can Do

Recommendation: Master Mentalism – Learn Mentalism & Magic Tricks


3) Do Personality Test To Find Your Strength

Feel stuck in a boring job? Go ahead and do a personality test. It might reveal why do you feel bored at this job. In addition to that, knowing yourself better can help you to find a future job which truly fits you, so you will never be bored at work again.

2 Famous personality test you can try out are:


4) Kills Boredom At Work Instantly With Funny Jokes

Arm yourself with some funny jokes and share them with your colleagues when you guys feel bored at work.

Here are some funny jokes for you to read when you are bored:

Joke 1
Doctor: “I’m sorry but you suffer from a terminal illness and have only 10 to live.”
Patient: “What do you mean, 10? 10 what? Months? Weeks?!”
Doctor: “Nine.”

Joke 2
“Can you please hold my hand?”A mother asks her son: “Anton, do you think I’m a bad mom?”
Son: “My name is Paul.”

Joke 3
Patient: Oh Doctor, I’m starting to forget things.
Doctor: Since when have you had this condition?
Patient: What condition?

Joke 4
Patient: Oh doctor, I’m just so nervous. This is my first operation.
Doctor: Don’t worry. Mine too.

Joke 5
Wait for me honey, I’m just finishing my make-up.
You don’t need make-up, Jane.
Oh, Richard…. really? That is so sweet of you!
You need plastic surgery.

 Joke 6
Doctor: Hello, did you come to see me with an eye problem?
Patient: Wow, yes, how can you tell?
Doctor: Because you came in through the window instead of the door.

Joke 7
What’s the difference between BOOM! Aaaaargh! And Aaaaaargh! BOOM!?
The difference is whether you’re falling from the 1st or the 10th floor.


5) Watch Prank Videos Or Prank Your Colleagues

If you think it is evil to prank someone, you can choose to watch prank videos instead to kill time. It is proven that time flies faster when you watch prank videos.

Funny Pranks Compilation


6) Play Rubik’s Cube When Bored At Work

Challenge yourself to solve the Rubik’s cube in the shortest time possible. There are different varieties of Rubik’s cube available. Alternatively, you can also look at the wooden and metal brain teaser puzzle. Test how high your IQ is with these toys when you are bored at work without the internet.

Top 10 Hardest Rubik’s Cube To Solve While You are Bored


7) Time For Paper Games 

We used to play with paper a lot when we were bored in school. Now, even if we have grown up, playing the paper game can still bring us a lot of fun. When I’m bored at work, my favorite paper game is definitely origami.

Different types of paper game to kill time when bored at work:

  • Origami
  • Paper football
  • Trash basketball
  • Paper airplane
  • Jumping frog
  • Fortune teller


8) Listen To Your Favorite Music 

Some people love to sing along when their favorite pop song is playing, while some people only love to listen to instrumental music when they are bored. Music helps to change the vibe at the workspace. It can help you to become more relaxed or relax depending on what type of music you chose. 

If you are not sure what music to play while you are bored, you can try searching for terms like soothing jazz for work, bossa nova music, or relaxing bgm. 

Here are some of my favorite picks:

  • Two Steps From Hell (Epic music are super motivating)
  • Deep Focus Music – Binaural Beats Concentration Music
  • Melody of the night Shi Jin
  • Youtube channel: Hobbes Sakuga, Isaac Shepard

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to music. So, what is your favorite pick? What type of music do you listen to when you feel bored at work?


9) Computer Games

If you have a computer and the internet is available, then you can have even more fun because you can play some simple computer games when you are bored. I would suggest you go for the browser games without installation needed.

You can find plenty of online games at Kongregate, including:

  • Word games
  • Puzzles
  • Crosswords
  • Typing games
  • Card games
  • Sudoku
  • Tower defense games
  • Sports and racing games


10) Create A Vision Board

Work is a huge part of life. If you are feeling bored at the current work and do not know what to do, I would suggest you start designing the kind of life you really want to have. 

When you plan your vision board, you can look at the 7 big areas of your life, such as:

  • Mind and Emotions
  • Body 
  • Relationships 
  • Family
  • Business/Career
  • Money/Finances
  • Spirituality

You create a digital vision board by using Pinterest or choose to create a physical vision board by printing out pictures that resonate with you. 

Recommendation: Goal On Track – Build your vision board and set long term life goals


11) Plan A Short Getaway For This Weekend

If the work is so boring, why don’t you plan a weekend getaway that excites you?

Pick a place that speaks to you, consider your accommodations, invite travel buddies (if you want), add in some activities you want to do and have some fun this weekend. A short getaway is a brilliant choice to add some novelty to your life.


12) Reinvent Yourself From Head To Toe

Open up the abandoned shopping cart and look at the items that you haven’t purchase. Or, you can start adding some items you really want to have lately into your wishlist. Browse the new attire, new watches, new shoes that you would like to have. Become your own personal stylist, find inspiration, experiment with the new look and have some fun!

How to change your look and find your style

9 Productive Things To Do When You Are Bored At Work


13) Design The Perfect Productive Workspace 

If you are really bored at work, then you can choose to transform your working environment into a more comfortable space. It will help to increase your future working experience.

Design the perfect productive workspace


14) Organize Email Inbox

It is time to unsubscribe all the annoying newsletter which you never read, so you never have to mark them as read or trash them manually again. On the other hand, you can subscribe to some useful newsletters which are highly related to your personal interest or career. Repeatedly copying and pasting the same email response is a nightmare. Create a series of canned responses (template) to help you to deal with repetitive email tasks.


15) Desktop Cleanup During The Downtime

It is time to clear all the temporary files accumulated on your desktop. If they are useless, drag them into the recycle bin immediately. For useful files, organize them into different folders, so you can retrieve them easily next time.


16) Clean Up The Desk

Wipe away the dust behind the printers and get rid of the old sticky notes on the wall. Wipe your laptop screen, keyboard, and get rid of unwanted things to make sure your desk is super clean.


17) Digitize The Document

Scan and digitize the documents on hand and save them on online storage like Dropbox or Google Drive. This way, you can retrieve information easily wherever you go, plus it clears up a lot of physical space and make the workspace more roomy and neat.


18) Backup Your Data 

It’s pretty straightforward. Get an external hard disk and backup all your data every 6 months. The laptop can be stolen or crash without any warnings, so it is better to make a copy of the data now.


19) Get All The Frequently-Use Forms Ready 

Print out a few copies of frequently used forms and organize them neatly in the drawers, so you are always prepared for appointments or work.


20) Decorate The Workspace And Kill Boredom

Add a vision board, a plant, or some motivational quotes on your desk. It can help to make the environment more lively and keep you motivated at work. 

Motivational quotes

Success Quotes

Strive for Progress


21) Systemize Or Automate Work Tasks

Use Zapier or IFTTT to automate some unavoidable repetitive tasks. This way, you can spend more time and brain juice on highly challenging tasks instead of small boring repetitive tasks each day. You can also create a simple workflow on Trello to monitor the progress of projects on hand. 


10 Self Improvement Things You Can Do If You’re Bored At Work


22) Perform Personal SWOT Analysis

Perform a SWOT analysis can help you to better understand yourself, so you can choose to work on the tasks you are good at and delegate/automate the rest.

According to Skills You NeedSWOT analysis is a way of looking at your situation by identifying:

  • Strengths, or those areas where you have an advantage over others, or some unique resources to exploit;
  • Weaknesses, or areas where you may be weaker than others and may find that others can do better than you;
  • Opportunities, or possibilities that you can take advantage of to help you achieve your goals and ambitions; 
  • Threats, or things that may prevent you from making a profit or achieving your goals.


23) Long Term Career Planning

Where do you want to be 1 year, 3 years or 5 years from now? List down everything you need in order to get to that place.

For example:

  • what kind of skills sets you must have,
  • what kind of knowledge/experience you must acquire,
  • what kind of network you need to have, and most importantly,
  • why do you want to be there (how does it serve you)

Once you know what you want in the long term, you can update your resume or maybe search for a better job that excites you.

Recommendation: The Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Questions


24) Acquire New Knowledge And Skillset (Work Related)

If you feel bored at the current job, why not upgrade yourself so you can switch to a more challenging position later? List down the knowledge and skillsets which you would like to have and can help you to outperform at work. Subscribe to magazines, attend courses and programs, go to conferences and forums are simple things you can do to propel your career.


25) Learn For The Sake Of Fun (Personal Interest)

Always stay hungry, stay foolish and stay curious. You can develop a new passion or dive right back in the long-forgotten passion which you have in the past. Jump out of your comfort zone and start learning things which you have always wanted to do but you have given yourselves too many excuses in the past. It is time to improve yourself.

Avoid the validation trap, forget about how others will see you, just learn whatever interests you the most, be ready to make mistakes along the way, have a quick laugh, and then keep moving forward so you can be at where you want to be one day. Reignite the passion in life through learning. 

Here are some cool things you can learn:

  • Speed reading 
  • Memory palace technique
  • Digital marketing
  • Stock trading/ investment
  • New language and culture
  • Cooking and bakery
  • Coding/ programming
  • Photoshop
  • Musical instrument
  • Psychology
  • Dancing
  • Sports
  • Drawing

Recommendation: Best Online Learning Platform – Udemy


26) Practice Meditation For Mindfulness

If you are bored or tired at work, meditation not only can help you to release stress and anxiety, but it can also help you to gain better clarity and elevate overall mindfulness. Meditation is proven to be beneficial to our mind and body. Plus, it is easy to do and no tools are needed to start. 

Recommendation: Seven Minute Mindfulness


27) Yoga Or Simple Exercise

Take a break, stretch your body a little bit, so you can get into the optimum form again. You can do simple yoga or simple exercise to relieve stiffness after staying in the same position for too long while working. 

Stretching exercise that does not require a lot of space.


Yoga During Office Break

do yoga when bored at work

Recommendation: Yoga Burn Challenge


28) Watch Ted Talks

Watching TED talks not only give you a motivational boost at work but also in personal life. Some of these TED talks are very thought-provoking while others can help you to shift your entire life perspective in a good way.

The happy secret to better work | Shawn Achor


29) Epic Goal Setting

Do you feel like you are sleepwalking through life and the current work is so boring that you would cry? Perhaps there’s something better waiting for you to achieve in life but you just haven’t really make a plan for it yet.

In that case, you need to start goal setting and plan for a future that will truly excite you. If you have the right goals, you will be looking forward to living each day to the fullest.

The major steps of goal setting:

  1. Create SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound)
  2. Break each big or long term goal into smaller sub-goals or milestones.
  3. List out the tasks you need to do to progress from one sub-goals to the next one.
  4. Track your progress and make sure you are keeping up with the schedule well.

If you want to do a powerful goal setting for your life, you can check out Goals On Track.

goal setting when bored at working

Goals On Track can help you to:

  1. Set long term S.M.A.R.T goals
  2. Break down big goals into smaller sub-goals
  3. Add tasks under reach sub-goals and support recurring tasks to repeat on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  4. Track goal progress by sub-goals and by tasks
  5. Track time spent on tasks with timers
  6. Create your vision board
  7. Keep a journal or notebook for your goals
  8. Build new habits
  9. Get interactive stats charts showing goals achieved, task completed, habits checked and time usage.

Plus, it comes with goal templates. You can jump-start your next goal with these action-plan ready templates right away.

Goal template example: Start your own business in 6 months 

goal setting when you are bored at work

Recommendation: Goals On Track (Goal setting and goal management software for high achievers)


30) Rewire Your Brain With Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to overcome some self-sabotaging or negative thoughts to see positive changes in life.

With positive affirmations, you can:

  • Elevate your self-esteem
  • Reduce and control negative emotions (anger, anxiety, frustration)
  • Avoid procrastination
  • Boost productivity
  • Get rid of a bad habit
  • Achieve your personal goals faster and with more confidence

There are many positive affirmations on youtube.

Alternatively, you can create a custom affirmation audio with software like MindZoom.
Better than hypnosis


MindZoom allows you to:

  • Custom select the affirmations you want to send subliminally
  • Mix the subliminal affirmations with any music you love
  • Add Binaural or Isochronic beats to improve your brain’s receptiveness to the message
  • Download the audio at high quality, so you can listen to it wherever you go

Recommendation: MindZoom – reprogram your mind automatically by using thousands of positive affirmations.


31) Manifest Abundance In Life

The Law of Attraction states that we’re creating our reality by the thoughts we are focusing on in our minds, either consciously or subconsciously. With that saying, if you choose to focus on sending out positive things every day in your life, you will then automatically attract more positive things back into your life. 

You can learn Law of Attraction at Manifestation Miracle
learning when you feel boring at work

Recommendation: Manifestation Miracle -manifest all of the wealth, abundance, love and happiness the Universe has to offer


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